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Please Hammer Don’t Search ‘Em

Did you know that MC Hammer’s real name is Stanley K. Burrell? I didn’t until I found out he is launching a new search engine called WireDoo. Burrell’s strategy is to develop a search engine that addresses perceived problems in the search-engine heavy-hitters.

How is it different? It’s deep. How is it deep? It’s relationship-driven. According to SearchEngineWatch, Hammer described the search thusly:

“The engine crawls and the algorithm are designed in a way to get all the related information to your query, then package it consistently in one environment.” He went on, “It’s kind of thinking the way you would think. If it’s a car… it’s not just about the word ‘car.’ It’s about insurance, it’s about the specs, it’s about mileage, it’s about style. It’s about all these things, so that’s the way it works.”

So what say you? Can MC Hammer bring it to Google and Bing?

New iPhone Announcement Today!

Starting today at 10am PST, the fine folks at Apple will finally be telling us why we’ll be waiting in line for 11 hours on October 14.  Yes – the new iPhones are coming.

We’ll be watching the liveblog over at ars technica but, in all honesty, we are NOT among those deeply nerdy and sheeplike consumer drones who will gladly sacrifice their precious time simply to count themselves among the first people to lay their hands on the newest, shiniest toy on the market.

Nope.  Those people are dumb.  Lining up to buy something… pssshhhhh.  That’s just lame.  Only a lame-o would do that.  So lame.

… lining up is lame.  Like, sooo lame.

… please don’t get in line in front of us.

Brand Labs Goes Coast to Coast With Google &

Big week here at Brand Labs… our bosses are out of town! With no one around to tell us what to do, that means we can drink milk right out of the carton, have cake for breakfast and stay up all night adjusting PPC campaigns!  WOO-HOO!

Of course our ever-vigilant leaders would never leave us unsupervised without a very good reason – two very good reasons, actually.  Brand Labs’ president, Kevin Harman, is exhibiting with Volusion at’s annual summit in Boston.  We’re sharing booth #1113 in the exhibit hall and Kevin is always eager to network after the show, so you should hit him up.  He’s like a business-card-hurling free drink machine.

At the other end of our great nation, you’ll find Dane Downer (Brand Labs’ VP) at the very exclusive Google Analytic Partner Summit.   You know why you never heard of it?  Because you totally weren’t invited.  It’s an invitation-only affair for Google Analytics Partners.  It’s our understanding that all attendees will actually be able to get their pictures taken sitting on the Google Bunny’s lap!  We’re very, very jealous.

Brand Labs at MozCon Seattle Seminar

Brand Labs is on the road again!  Our VP, Dane Downer, is (at this very moment) at the sold-out MozCon in Seattle, Washington.  He’s there to commune with some of the biggest brains in the world of the Interwebs.  He’ll be stealing all of their knowledge (and any magical SEO-related charms and talismans they may have) and bringing his newfound marketing super-powers back to Brand Labs for the exclusive benefit of our customers.

Scheduled to appear at the three day conference are speakers from Facebook, Apogee, Audette Media and SEOmoz  (and many more!)  They’ll be discussing the latest SEO techniques and tools, learning about SEOmoz’s latest, secret offering(s) and networking under the famous gray, drippy skies of the American Northwest.

If you’re in Seattle and you’d like to meet up with Dane, just shoot him an email at  He’ll be the guy in the flannel shirt, hanging outside the coffee shop and listening to Pearl Jam.

Facebook’s “Awesome” Announcement

Ever since Mark “The Zuckenheimer” Zuckerberg announced that there would be an “awesome” announcement today, the web has been flooded with speculation about what it would be.

… if one unified theory can be called a flood.

Pretty much everyone speculated that the “awesome” announcement would have to do with video chatting.

They were right.


Brand Labs at Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2011

Brand Labs at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) 2011Next week marks a big milestone for Brand Labs – we’ll be exhibiting for the first time at IRCE 2011 in San Diego, CA!

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition is the premiere event for the eCommerce industry and we’re pleased to be taking our rightful place as part of the big show.  A portion of our team of experts will set up camp in the exhibit hall (booth 936) for the duration of the show.  We’ll be answering questions about eCommerce, Volusion, AutoResponderMax and anything else you’ve got.  We’ll also be giving away two year-long AutoResponderMax subscriptions and an iPad (in cooperation with our friends at Volusion).

Pictured here is our mobile team of experts.  From the top left (clockwise), Dane Downer, Kevin Harman, Ryan Forrest, Katelyn Stanis and Sal Agrusa.  Look for their happy, smiling faces in front of the greenest damn display in the whole exhibit hall.


EcoMower’s Andy Humphrey on ABC’s Shark Tank – April 29

Shark Tank's April 29, 2011 broadcast will feature Andy Humphrey of was one of our first clients and to this day remains one of our bestest business friends, so you can only imagine our excitement when we learned that EcoMowers’ founder, Andy Humphrey, would be appearing on Shark Tank on ABC next Friday (April 29).

The show gives entrepreneurs like Andy the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors in the hope of getting their backing.  It’s a great concept and makes for some damn fine TV.

Andy won’t tell us what the outcome of his appearance was, so we’ll have to find out along with the rest of the world next Friday.  Our money’s on Andy coming out on top.  Be sure to watch and see!

Mashable Follow: I’m An Early Adopter!

I received a Beta invite for Mashable Follow yesterday, Mashable’s new social sharing system for their site, and have spent a few hours playing around with it. On the surface, it seems to just add a few things to the existing Mashable site, but when you dig a little deeper, it starts getting more interesting.  More after the jump.


Would You Share Your Photos Over An “Elastic” Social Network? LogoWell, Color is presupposing that you would. Launching Tuesday night (the week after SXSW) with $41 million in pre-launch funding and a cadre of all-star founders, this social photo sharing app is trying to change how you share photos, not to mention the very definition of social sharing. Use Color, share photos. It’s almost as simple as it sounds.

You may already be familiar with Instagram, Path, and/or PicPlz, free photo sharing apps which allow you to choose your circle of friends, and allow you to control what you share and who you share it with. Color didn’t like that approach. With Color, you share to whomever is in your physical vicinity, no matter what, and it’s all public. Sounds a little less simple already, right? Read more after the break.


eCommerce Lessons: Anonymous Vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Guy Fawkes mask often used to identify members of the Internet protest group, AnonymousFor those who don’t know (ah, the bliss of ignorance), the Westboro Baptist Church is a group of people whose primary motivation is an irrational hatred/fear of homosexuals.  They demonstrate this pretty clearly by showing up at events unrelated to homosexuality (specifically, the funerals of fallen American soldiers) and screaming unpleasant things to unsuspecting passers-by.

The other player in the current drama is Anonymous – a loosely-affiliated group of hacker activists known for their G8 protests and a string of Denial of Service attacks on those who they feel are perpetrating wrongs on the world as a whole.

Now that we’re up to speed on the players, here’s the current story (in a nutshell): a couple of days ago, WBC representatives started to make a lot of noise about a supposed “threat” leveled against them by Anonymous.  For their part, representatives of Anonymous denied that any recognized member of their group had claimed responsibility for the “threat” and that they had better things to do than go to war with obvious publicity whores.

Read the latest developments after the jump…


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